Pre-conception Program

Pre-conception Programs Available. Please contact us for an appointment

Pre-conception programs have demonstrated a 80% success ratio in studies


What to expect from Consultations?

Many people who choose natural fertility treatment are exposed to naturopathic treatments for the first time. Sometimes they are uncertain how medicinal herbs and vitamins can benefit their fertility issues. In the first consultation it is the naturopath’s objective to reassure these people on the effectiveness of fertility programs using medicinal herbs, lifestyle changes and vitamin supplementation. The benefits of lifestyle changes and vitamin supplementation on fertility rates are well documented now. IVF clinic now use multi vitamins to increase the rates of fertility. Naturopaths have been recommending supplementation for many years now! During the consultation the naturopath will explain how medicinal herbs, lifestyle changes and vitamin supplementation can increase men’s hormones/ sperm count and balance women’s hormones which in turn will enhance the ability to conceive. It is then up to the prospective patient’s to decide whether this program is suitable for them. Initial consults will cost $125.00 which can be claimed on if you belong to a private health fund.