Pre-conception Program

Pre-conception Programs Available. Please contact us for an appointment

Pre-conception programs have demonstrated a 80% success ratio in studies



Natural Fertility Program

Initial consultation – 90 mins $150.00 There is no obligation to take part in the program in its entirety at this time. This is an introduction period that outlines how natural medicines may assist you in conceiving. At this stage it is best to listen to the practitioner and decide whether you will be able to comply with the program. For instance it is likely that a significant change in diet will be required.
Follow Up consultations
(Follow ups is generally every 5 weeks after initial consultation)
$65.00 – $95.00 Depending on time needed These consultations are needed to measure your progress and discuss any problems being experienced. In some cases changes in medicinal prescriptions may be necessary.
Men’s Health Consultation $135.00
Menopause Consultation $135.00
General Naturopathic Consultation $135.00

Cost of supplements varies depending on individual needs. On average $100.00 -$200.00 per six weeks.

Services and treatment

Natural fertility treatment, natural menopausal treatment, polycystic ovaries, endometriosis, low sperm counts, fitness training/weight loss, stress reduction, chemical sensitivities.


Those with private health insurance can claim rebates. It depends on the individual health fund on how much you can claim per year on naturopathy. Please check with your health fund on your entitled yearly rebate. On average $300 to $500 per year can be claimed.