Pre-conception Program

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Pre-conception programs have demonstrated a 80% success ratio in studies



1. How do I know that my practitioner is suitably qualified?

Your practitioner will be a member of a recognised association such as the ATMS ( Australian Traditional Medicine Society) if thay have adequate qualifications. Herbal treatment for fertility should only be undertaken by those who have studied at university level as there are many herbs contra-indicated during pregnancy. Your naturopath or herbalist should have at least an Advanced Diploma in Naturopathy.

2. What is preconception care ?

Why do we start pre-conception period 4-6 months before conceiving?

It takes sperm approximately 4 months to form and follicles 3 months to mature. So we need this period to insure that we are developing the healthiest sperm and follicles.

3. Can I still participate in a pre-conception program if I’m partaking in IVF treatment?

Yes, in fact many IVF clinics now suggest taking a pre-natal multi-vitamin and monitoring weight. Combining a pre-conception program with your IVF treatment will dramatically increase the chances of conceiving in many cases.

4. Why should you choose a pre-conception program instead of IVF?

IVF is expensive, has only a 30% success ratio per cycle, and higher chance of multiple births. Having preterm births (lower birth weights) increases the risk of cerebral palsy by 9 times and death by 3 times to babies. Having multiple births is not only dangerous for the babies but also the mother. There are also no invasive procedures performed throughout a natural fertility program Unlike IVF. A pre-conception program is a more holistic approach to achieving conception, physical, emotional and spiritual aspects are all explored. IVF is a great option for those who have structural damage to reproductive organs or some other medical condition where conceiving is not possible naturally. If your one of the few who fail to conceive naturally after completing a pre-conception program IVF in this case would also be encouraged. IVF In my opinion should generally be a last option not a first case treatment for fertility issues

5. Am I entitled to health rebates?

Those with private health insurance can claim rebates on consultations. It depends on the individual health fund on how much you can claim per year on naturopathy. Please check with your health fund on your entitled yearly rebate. On average $300 to $500 per year can be claimed. Supplements generally are not able to be claimed.

6. What is general cost of supplements?

Cost of supplements varies depending on individual needs. On average $100.00 -$200.00 per six weeks.

7. What problems can natural fertility treat?

Medical conditions that usually respond successfully to natural medicine include;

  • Polycystic ovaries
  • Fibroids
  • Low sperm count, motility and quality
  • Irregular menstrual cycles
  • Candida thrush
  • Diabetes/ Insulin resistance
  • Pelvic inflammatory disease (PID)
  • Stress
  • Miscarriage
  • Liver function
  • Thyroid function

8. When am I considered to be infertile?

The Medical diagnosis of infertility occurs after 12 months of trying to conceive unsuccessfully.

9. Do both partners need to be involved in fertility program?

Yes, as the male partner can be responsible for infertility in approx 40% of cases!

10. Do male partners need to come to all consultations?

They will need to attend at least a couple of consultations. They may need to attend more consultations if they have abnormal test results.

11. What is the success rate of Natural fertility treatment?

An 80% success rate has been demonstrated in studies.

12. What happens if I become pregnant in pre-conception period?

Generally there will be no negative results, however if specific herbs contra- indicated during pregnancy are being used by your practitioner, to treat your condition, conception needs to be avoided.

13. Why use salivary hormone assay over blood assay ?

Hormones are bound to proteins in the blood, it is only when these hormones become unbound that they are active. Hormones measured in the saliva are unbound and therefore give a more accurate determination of hormonal activity affecting the body.

14. How many diagnostic tests will I require?

Depending on the individual circumstances, generally at least a couple of tests are required to gain a better insight into the individuals health.

15. Can natural remedies be effective in treating menopausal symptoms?

Yes, in most cases women will gain great respite by taking herbal supplements.

16. Are the supplements used to treat menopause safe?

All supplements used in our program are very safe to use as they modulate hormones and are more gentle than hormone replacement. In saying this herbs can still have pronounced affects relieving symptoms quickly.

17. Is bio-identical hormone replacement safe to use for menopause treatment?

There have been no long term studies on the safety of this therapy. It needs to remembered that hormones are hormones whether they are synthetic or natural. Elevated levels of hormones can increase risks of breast cancer and blood clots ( cadiovascular disease).

18. What men’s health problems can be treated naturally?

  • Impotence
  • Premature ejaculation
  • Performance anxiety
  • Low libido
  • Weak erection

19. Can herbs effectively lift libido and treat sexual dysfunction?

Yes, herbs are very effective at lifting libido and treating many sexual disorders. Herbal formulas prescribed by a practitioner are always going to be more successful than using single dose herbs.

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